Nokia 603 Usb Pinout Assignment

A Motherboard (sometimes alternatively known as the mainboard, system board, planar board or logic board, or colloquially, a mobo) is the main printed circuit board (PCB) found in computers and other expandable systems. It holds and allows communication between many of the crucial electronic components. Here are complementary connectors of motherboards.

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Apple pinouts

  • Apple Fan Connector (6 pin) Late model Apple laptops, iMacs and Mac Pros have analog speed control fans. This pinout and color scheme applies to fans made by Delta Electronics, models BFB0412HB (Apple P/N 603-5520), BFB0612H (Apple P/N 603-5519), BFB0812H (Apple P/N 603-6624), and others.
  • Apple Mac Pro dual fan connector Some Apple Mac Pros use a single 8 pin connector for two fans. Apple uses various color schemes for wires. This dual fan connector usually has all black wires.
  • Apple Motherboard 4 pin CPU PWM fan connector 

Azalia pinouts

Cisco pinouts

Compaq pinouts

Dell pinouts

Elpina pinouts

Gigabyte pinouts

HP pinouts

Olimex pinouts

  • Universal EXTension (UEXT) connector This connector includes power and three serial buses: Asynchronous, I2C, and SPI. The connector layout was specified by Olimex Ltd and declared an open-project.

Toshiba pinouts

  • Buses and Slots Pinouts
  • Serial Interfaces Pinouts
  • Power Supply Connectors
  • Videocards Connectors
  • Input Peripherals Pinouts
  • AV extension cards
  • Network Connectors Pinouts
  • Memory Cards/Modules
    CF, MS, Sim-card, DIMM,...
  • HDD/Storage Connectors
  • Misc Motherboard Connectors
  • Parallel Interfaces Pinouts
  • Parallel Ports Cables
  • Input Devices Adapters
  • Various Devices Cables
  • UPS connectors
  • POS devices
    cash registers, scanners,...
  • Network Devices
  • Misc. Devices
  • SmartPhones, Cell Phones / A-N
  • Cellular Phones Cables
  • SmartPhones, Cell Phones / Nokia
    Nokia pop-port, data cable, USB,
  • SmartPhones, Cell Phones / P-W
  • Portable Devices
  • GPS Receivers
  • Chargers and Adapters Pinouts
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  • Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi Head Units
  • Nissan, Datsun, Infinity Head Units
  • Volkswagen and Porsche Head Units
    Volkswagen, Porsche Head Units
  • Chrysler and Fiat Head Units
    Chrysler, Fiat Head Units
  • Ford Head Units
  • Hyundai, KIA Head Units
  • GM Opel, Chevrolet and others Head Units
  • Lexus, Toyota Head Units
  • Subaru and Suzuki Head Units
  • Car Diagnostic Interfaces
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    On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 03:57:07 -0800, wrote
    (in article <>):


    I, too, can find Nokia USB cables with a google search. That's not what I'm
    looking for.

    I'm looking for the description of the connector at the bottom of the phone
    (or the phone end of the USB cable). This is a detailed description of the
    function of each pin of the connector, or at least which pins are used for
    Please, no "Go Google this" replies. I wouldn't
    ask a question here if I hadn't done that already.

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Archived from groups: alt.cellular-phone-tech,, (More info?)

Where can I find the connector pin assignments for proprietary connector
and/or data cable on the Nokia 6015i phone?

Please, no "Go Google this" replies. I wouldn't
ask a question here if I hadn't done that already.

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