Bedfellows Fatigue Gender Reassignment

Haven't drawn Bedfellows in a while .3.

Anyways I noticed on YouTube and DA that people are still confused on Fatigues gender .3. Witch I find a little silly. I have proof that he is a male; 1. The creator has said farious times Fatigue is a guy 2. In the comics (the old ones and sometimes the new) they show Fatigues.. "Male parts" or him acting like a male or people knowing he's a gay male 3. In a deleted episode(the actual first ep I think) : The Bedfellows - Unreleased episode! - Just Give Him 10 Mins - YouTube  shows fatigues original voice actor (without edited voice) and sheen clearly stating and showing Fatigue is a male 4. In The Bedfellows - Bros Will Be Bros (EP#17) - YouTube Fatigue gets very upset when the girls are talking rude about guys, also Sheen trying to make the guys think he's not gay by eating the chips (on another note his cards spell "u r gay") 5. In The Bedfellows - Restroom (EP#24) - YouTube Sheen tells Fatigue about how he's not supposed to be peeing standing up, and commands Fatigue to sit "like the girl he is" Stating that fatigue usually pees standing up because he is a male. And 6. In The Bedfellows - Football (EP#13) - YouTube When Sheen says "god.. women are so annoying am I right?" And his friend says "women..?" Shows that he clearly knows that fatigue is not a female 

people might ask about the tampon thing or Fatigue getting preggers, Fatigue might just put tampon's in his purse 1. To feel like a girl 2. Because Sheen wants people to think he's a girl or 3. Just because. Fatigue getting pregnant on the other hand can either be mpreg or he ate too much. (Ex. when Sheen ate too much bubble gum) 

I rest my case, If I forgot something tell me

Fatigue is a purple Jackalope.  His real name is Taylor Stenson. He is one of two (2) main characters in The Bedfellows comics and animations, as the counterpart to Sheen.

He is kind and laid-back, though sometimes easy-going to the point of naivety. He lives with his partner Sheen, who despite his tendency to sleep around with women, is highly possessive of Fatigue.

Fatigue is physically male, as seen in the comics which existed prior to the animations, though his ambiguous gender is part of a running gag in the animations- which have made pregnancy jokes and once showed Fatigue with a tampon. In all media, he and Sheen can both be seen referring to Fatigue as "a girl" or "one of the girls" yet the pronouns "he/him" are still used. Fatigue has not yet had "she/her" pronouns used in reference to him in either form of media - though side characters will occasionally express confusion by attempting to call Fatigue both "Sir" and "Ma'am" questioningly. A lesser talked about theory is that Fatigue could be transitioning from a male to a female.

His mother is a darker purple rabbit. Surprisingly, t's revealed that she is a stripper, and does so for a living, and apparently has no qualms for doing it around her child. She does prostitution in addition to her more legitimate job as a dancer at a strip club. Fatigue's father has yet to be shown and is presumably out of the picture. It is possible that Fatigue was born out of wedlock as result of his mother sleeping with a stranger while working as a prostitute.


  •  Despite Sheen's abuse, Fatigue still cares about him. As a matter of fact, in Episode 22 in the YouTube series titled "Drinking", Sheen starts acting the opposite way he usually does when he is drunk and Fatigue becomes frightened by his change in behaviour.
  •  They have a friend named Gary
  •  Fatigue is homosexual.
  •  Fatigue's Hexidecimal color (for the darker purple) is #9377d2 (Pantone 2655) and 'Cloud' grey.
  • Fatigue's real name is Taylor Stentson
  • Fatigue has an accent which is somewhat ambiguous. It is almost certainly from somewhere on the British Isles, but varies wildly from cockney to an almost Irish sounding dialect.
  • Fatigue loves his mother and in return she loves him, but he hates her line of work (stripping and prostitution). Sheen loves to get with her whenever he can, mostly through Fatigue and much to his dismay.



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